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Agrospace is a company of innovation and technology, focused in the analysis of big data and development of Data Science algorithms, centered on the positive impact and improvement of financial flows in the industry. With our help you will be able to develop and improve your productivity process in a more reliable and efficient way, minimizing uncertainty on production costs.

Satellite monitoring

We live in a new era that demands a new perspective and if we want to reap all the fruits of our work, it is essential to adapt and evolve to constant changes and integrate with new technologies that facilitate success in the results we seek.

“The new era is today! Join us and let’s move towards the future together”


Our remote monitoring and Big Data processing services extend over different development areas, specifically addressing the needs of the industry and promoting the expansion and efficiency of sustainable development.






Environmental Monitoring

How do we collect the Data?


They capture from space the information of multiple variables on the surface of the earth.


They monitor in real time and with the greatest precision, the key variables that you want to know.


They fly over different surfaces collecting relevant and detailed data.

Atmospheric Models

They predict the future behavior of multiple meteorological variables.


Satellite, Drones, Stations and Models

The information of biophysical variables is captured by the different sensors and models.

DATA integration

The information is selected and analyzed for a biophysical and productivity evaluation.

Cloud Servers

The data is collected and processed inside the Cloud, organizing and bringing the necessary information for the generation of reports, feeding of digital platforms and the AgroSpace API.

Reports and API

AgroSpace reports and API provide information that enables almost any type of production system to be characterized weekly, facilitating decision-making

What do our weekly reports contain?

  • Spatial analysis adjusted to your needs
  • Multiple algorithms available
  • Custom weather forecast
  • Historical analysis of the variables that you are interested in monitoring
  • …And finally, whatever you need…

The galaxy is our limit! Ask for anything you need and we will take care of the rest!

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