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Frequent Questions

What is AgroSpace?

AgroSpace is a Chilean company of innovation and technological development that provides different geospatial analysis services based on satellite information, drones, numerical models, on-site measurement stations and basically any type of quantitative information.

What information does AgroSpace use?

AgroSpace utilizes all available digital data collected from satellite sensors, drones, models, and field measurement sensors in order to generate information that enables accurate and efficient decisions to be made by the industry. This information is enabled for weekly reports, historical reports with more than 30 years of data or through our AgroSpace API.

How can I purchase AgroSpace products or Services?

AgroSpace products and services can be purchased through our web platform or contacting our technical team via contacto@agrospace.cl

Is it possible to generate information that is not available on the website?

AgroSpace is a company of development and innovation capable of transforming your needs into an opportunity based on your personalized information requirement.

What does the Drone service consist of and how is it requested?

The use of AgroSpace Drones is aimed at precision monitoring in any type of industry. To request the service, you just have to write us at contacto@agrospace.cl, indicating your request and we will reply as soon as possible.

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